Signup for Manitoumi Minute


Facility Fee’s


Cost Per Camper- Per Night

Lodging – without meals


Lodging – second night


Meals provided by camp

$5.00 per person per meal

Staff Building kitchen usage (you provide meals, onetime fee)


Dining Hall kitchen usage (you provide meals, onetime fee)


Recreation Hall (lower level, dinning hall)






  •  55 camper minimum (August-October).  30 Minimum (November-July).
  • There is no additional charge for heating or air conditioning of building when needed.
  • No penalty / discounts for late arrivals or early departures.

Children Discount: 6-12 years are 1/2 price and children 5 and under are free.

Family Maximum: 1 night lodging without meals: $50.00 with meals: $108.00
2 nights lodging without meals: $95.00, with meals: $1195.00

Other Charges:

Charge Per Camper

Day Camps – No overnight lodging, meals, kitchen use but may use Recreation Hall, Dinning Hall, & outside facilities.


Use of Grounds Only – For picnics, hikes, and group activities (may use restrooms) but no other buildings and furnishes own equipment


Manizoomie (tube slide)


Hayrack Ride (when available)

Paintball (When available)

Zip line (under 18 need parents signed waiver)

$20.00 per ride

Call for pricing

$10.00 person