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What are the dates and prices of camp?

Please check our schedule for the dates of our camps!

See Schedule

When does camp start/end?

Check-in is 10 am on Monday morning. Departure time is Saturday at 9 am (Beginner Camp ends on Wednesday at 9 am).

What to bring.

Bedding (sleeping bag or sheets and pillow), Bible, pencil, notebook, toiletries (toothbrush, paste, etc.), clothes to play in and get dirty in, long pants and close toe shoes, bathing suit, plastic bag for dirty clothes, any necessary medications (must be turned into the nurse), spending money for Chapel offering, camp store, or Snack Shack. Optional items such as a camera, flashlight, water bottle, hat, stationery, or postage stamps may also be brought.

All clothing should honor God. If you think it may be too low-cut, see-through, cling-to, or questionable, don’t bring it. Spaghetti straps, bare stomachs, questionable advertisements, and words across your backside are not allowed. Shorts and skirts should be approaching the knee in length. For swimming, boys must wear swim trunks and girls must wear a one-piece swimsuit or a tankini that overlaps at the waist.

What not to bring?

Any electronic equipment (media players, game systems, cell phones, etc.), tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, or weapons. These will NOT be allowed and bringing them may result in dismissal from camp.

(Men’s Retreat or anytime the Pistol/Rifle range is used is an exception for firearms)

Can I contact my camper?

Yes, you may mail packages to (camper’s name), Camp Manitoumi, 948 County Rd 1800N, Lowpoint, IL 61545.  You may also send an email to with the camper’s name in the subject line. I am sure they would be excited to hear from you!

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee includes housing, meals, and all program-specific activities (except paintball).  Campers are responsible for any snacks and souvenirs from the Camp Store and Snack Shack.

How do I complete a group registration?

A group registration can help you to organize your group and allow you to keep track of your camp rosters. With a group registration you reserve a set number of spots for a specific week of camp and then parents receive a link to complete the registration form.

If your church plans to subsidize any portion of your campers registration fee, we would strongly encourage you to use a group registration. Below you will find a link to a PDF Guide that will walk you through the process.

Group Registration Tutorial

How much money should I send with my camper?

We offer items for the campers to buy from our Camp Store and Snack Shack. These items range in price from $2 to $27. The average amount that most parents send is anywhere from $25-$50. If you use the Store Card (recommended), parents can check through the Parent Portal throughout the week how much the camper has spent and has the option to add money to the Store Card if they desire.

In the Snack Shack, campers can get Ice Cream with one topping, or a candy bar, or a bottle of soda from the machine for $2 each, and other items for various prices. The Snack Shack is open every afternoon and evening.

In the Camp Store, T-shirts can be purchased for $15 (each camper will receive a free Theme t-shirt), sweatshirts are available from $20-$27, and stuffed animals range from $8-$15. Other items available include: keychains, water bottles, mugs, color changing cups, and more.