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Camp Purpose & History

CAMP MANITOUMI is a ministry of the Illinois-Missouri Association of Regular Baptist Churches. As an extension of the ministry of the local church, we offer a Christ-centered program of activities and Bible studies using the camping setting. Our purpose is to evangelize the lost and to promote Christian maturity through the camping experience.

With the original purchase of some 80 acres in 1956 and additional acquisitions in the 1970’s and 1990’s, the 130 acres offer a multitude of outdoor activities. Primary to the ministry is the teaching of the Word and circling the centrally located chapel is a well planned and efficient layout of buildings, activities and facilities that make for a summer camp that’s a counselor’s and camper’s delight. While some 1,000 youth are ministered to each summer, the number of folk on the grounds in a year is over 3,300.

By using pastors and lay-people from our churches we offer ministry opportunities to many adults each summer. Camp Manitoumi is uniquely a ministry of the people and churches of our IL-MO Fellowship. Because camping fees are kept below cost, the ministry is dependent upon the support of our churches and friends.

In the 50 plus years, camp has had 4 Directors, Wally Warfield, 16 yrs; Fred Molkenthin, 1O yrs; Dan Johnson, 3 years; and Lewis Bell 15 yrs. In 2002, John Kealen was selected as the Executive Director and continues in that role to this day. A number of men who have served as caretakers and a great host of volunteers have developed the camp into a clean cheerful spring and fall retreat center and spiritually rewarding summer camp grounds.