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Family Camp

Spend the Summer Camping with Your FamilyFamily Camping

What better way to spend the summer than with your loved ones? Family camping is an excellent time to get away from the chaotic life of school and work, and finally spend some quality time together.

Why Family Camping?

Family camping can provide time to talk over roasting marshmallows, ways to bond through sports activities, like paintball and zip lining, and opportunities to teach your children more about the outdoors. Childhood is full of precious years that families often don’t get to slow down and enjoy together. Camp Manitoumi wants to make sure each family has at least one phenomenal family camping experience.

Is this the first time your children will experience camping? There is no greater, or more exciting, rite of passage than their first family camping trip! There is also no better place than Camp Manitoumi for family camping. We offer many opportunities for both outdoor activities and worship, but just be sure to bring these items with you:
Family Camping

  • Bedding (sleeping bag or sheets)
  • Bible
  • Pencil and Notebook
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, etc.),
  • Clothes to play in and get dirty in (this is a summer camp, after all!)
  • Long pants and closed toe shoes
  • One piece bathing suit
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Any necessary medications (must be turned into the nurse)
  • Spending money for Chapel offering, our camp store, a camp shirt, or canteen
  • Optional items such as a camera, flashlight, water bottle, hat, stationary, or postage stamps, so you can tell your friends what a great family camping trip you are having!

Are You Looking for a Worthwhile and Spiritual Family Camping Trip?

Camp Maintoumi is the place to have family fun and teach your children the right way to live.  If you are interested in a family camping trip you will never forget, contact us today and register. The summer will begin a lot sooner than you think.