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Young Adult Retreat

Young Adult Retreat

October 20-21

This retreat is for anyone ages 18-35. Housing for married couples will be limited so most housing with be assigned between male and female.

Come enjoy time at camp away from your busy schedule. Reconnect with old friends and meet new friends.  Find encouragement in God’s Word as you continue to grow.


The Speaker for this retreat is Tim Little. Tim is an full-time assistant professor at Faith Baptist Theologically Seminary. He is a co-host on The Thinklings Podcast and produces A Little Hebrew.

Optional—Come early at 1 PM and enjoy a round of Disc Golf at Washington Park in Washington, IL. Some discs will be available but plan to bring your own discs. 402 Wilshire Dr., Washington, IL 61571

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1:00 PM—Optional Disc Golf at Washington Park in Washington, IL

3:00 PM—Arrive and Enjoy Camp

6:00 PM—Dinner

7:00 PM—Session #1

8:30 PM—Fellowship and Fun


8:30 AM– Breakfast

9:30 AM—Session #2

10:30 AM—Zipline and Enjoy Camp

12:30 PM—Lunch

1:30 PM—Session #2

3:00 PM—Head Home