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Facility Fee’s


Cost Per Camper- Per Night

Logging – without meals


Lodging – second night


Meals provided by camp

$5.00 per person per meal

Staff Building kitchen usage (you provide meals, onetime fee)


Dining Hall kitchen usage (you provide meals, onetime fee)


Recreation Hall (lower level, dinning hall)






  • 15 camper minimum – If a group is less between16 and 25 in number, add $2.00 per camper per night.
  • There is no additional charge for heating or air conditioning of building when needed.
  • No penalty / discounts for late arrivals or early departures.

Children Discount:6-12 years are 1/2 price and children 5 and under are free.

Family Maximum:1 night lodging without meals: $48.00 with meals: $108.00
2 nights lodging without meals: $88.00, with meals: $148.00

Other Charges:

Charge Per Camper

Day Camps – No overnight lodging,meals,kitchen use but may use Recreation Hall, Dinning Hall, & outside facilities.


Use of Grounds Only – For picnics, hikes, and group activities (may use restrooms) but no other buildings and furnishes own equipment


Manizoomie (tube slide)


Hayrack Ride (when available)